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Newfypoo Temperament

Most people when they decide they want a Newfypoo want the Newfoundland size and temperament without the drool and shedding. However, there is more to the Newfypoo than this. The Newfoundland himself has a calm, kindly nature and is generally a quiet, laid back dog but has a HUGE stubborn streak and is not a pushover to train. He responds to kindness. Although a giant, the Newfy is a sensitive dog and can shut down if shouted at by an overzealous trainer. While not known as a guard dog as such, the Newfy is usually protective of his own family, especially children.

The Poodle on the other hand is a high energy breed – alert, intelligent, active, and very trainable. However, they can be almost ‘too clever’ which can lead to them getting into mischief and perhaps being too much for some owners. Poodles are also known to be sensitive, highly strung and a touch on the vocal side so by crossing them with the placid giant Newfoundland to create the Newfypoo truly brings the best of both breeds together.

The Newfypoo is usually a very placid dog who loves to run and play like his Poodle parent but not for too long! He is half Newfoundland of course so, after a run, he likes nothing better than to come home and take a long nap, often snoring loudly. Newfypoos are very sociable and, if introduced properly and from an early age, gets along well with humans of all ages as well as other animals. If you have other pets, including cats, small children, and/or elderly relatives, the Newfypoo may be a great choice for you.

It is important to teach him not to jump up or greet people too enthusiastically from a young age as due to his enormous size he could easily cause injury without meaning to and being a sensitive soul, he will not understand why he is in trouble when all he wanted to do was give your visitors a bear hug.

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Our Puppies
All great curl and should be non-shedding
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We have -1 Brown Female, 1 Parti Male, 1 Merle Female, 2 Black Females, 1 Sable Merle Male, 1 Sable Merle Female
Remaining Puppies have been discounted, please contact us for pricing. ty
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